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PTA Welding

Plasma-transferred arc welding (PTA welding) is a thermal process for applying wear and corrosion resistant layers on surfaces of metallic materials. The highly energetic plasma arc melts the surface of the base material. At the same time, the powdery filler material is inserted into the arc and also molten. During solidification, a substance-to-substance bond between the filler material and the base material is created.


PTAW Hardfacing benefits:

  • Can Be Highly Automated – easily replicated
  • Small heat affected zone – no metal warping
  • High Powder Utilization
  • Low Dilution rate
  • Very Wide Range Of Hardfacing Materials


The Plasma Hardfacing edge

Plasma Hardfacing have access to a wide range of international suppliers of quality, specialised powder which allow greater scope for innovative wear solutions for all environments. Research and development is at the heart of everything we do with the aim to develop Plasma branded powders that are unique to the customer and able to deliver outstanding results tailor made for their unique wear environment.

Our team have the experience and attitude to deliver a quality service that gives you peace of mind that your parts are in safe hands. Nothing leaves the workshop unless it meets our strict quality control standards.

For many mines the technology has successfully passed trials but the costs were too prohibitive. Plasma Hardfacing recognises that in this difficult financial environment customers need to get value for money and increase the cost to benefit ratio. We deliver the same outstanding results at a price that won’t make you weak at the knees.