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About Us

Welcome to Plasma Hardfacing

Plasma Hardfacing Pty Ltd was established in Brisbane, QLD in 2012 to service the Australian resources sector by providing cost effective hardfacing solutions.

Plasma Hardfacing specialise in plasma transfer arc welding (PTA). By applying a welding overlay to wear componentry we can increase the lifespan of your equipment to save you money. Similar to how enamel protects your teeth, our weld overlays provide a protective coating against corrosion, impact and abrasion.

Utilising our services will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Longer lifespan on wear components
  • Reduction in machine downtime
  • OHS benefits due to less parts changeovers
  • Budget control over maintenance costs with long term fixed contracts
  • Wear reporting providing detailed analysis of wear management
  • Since 2012 the company has invested heavily in research and development as well as establishing a strong supplier base to help provide an exceptional product. Plasma Hardfacing prides itself as an innovative, technologically advanced organisation that can meet current and future demands of industries. WE CARE ABOUT YOUR WEAR!

Our Vision

To work collaboratively with our customers to reduce their maintenance costs and become the most innovative wear solution provider in the market.

Our Values

  • Integrity is at the heart of everything we do
  • A collaborative approach is vital to success
  • We are committed to our work and customers
  • We foster a high performance culture
  • We are passionate about what we do
  • Innovation in wear management

Health & Safety

Plasma Hardfacing recognises the need to promote a culture within the organisation where harm to our people through work is unacceptable. The Company is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for all people involved in our business including contractors, visitors and the general public. All of Plasma Hardfacing’s people have responsibility for implementing this Policy.

 The Company’s responsibility towards Workplace Health and Safety is:

  • Demonstrate commitment and leadership through all its managers and supervisors.
  • Clearly define health and safety responsibilities for managers, supervisors, employees and contractors.
  • Work to eliminate hazards and practices that could cause incidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • Utilise the framework of Australian Standard 4801 and 4804 – OHS Management Systems whenever possible to integrate health and safety into business management systems and to achieve the highest standards of health and safety.
  • Comply with all applicable health and safety acts and regulations as a minimum.
  • Train and develop our employees to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely and to contribute to ongoing improvements in safety performance.
  • Allocate resources to meet the commitments of the Policy.


Quality is important to our business because we value our customers and understand that our welding will be subjected to highly challenging environments which will expose any deficiencies in our operating procedures.

We strive to provide our customers with products and services which meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.


Plasma Hardfacing is committed to improving its approach to protecting the environment by pursuing best practice in environmental management. We acknowledge that people expect responsible environmental management practices to be adhered to in all respects of the activities of the organisation and we ensure that we walk the talk.

Plasma Hardfacing believes in the principles of sustainable development and protecting our environment for the benefit of future generations. We realise our environment is a valuable commodity and that it needs to be protected.