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Thermal Arc Spray Services

Thermal Spray is a generic term for a group of coating processes used to apply metallic or non-metallic coatings. These processes are grouped into three major categories: flame spray, electric arc spray, and plasma arc spray.

These energy sources are used to heat the coating material (in powder, wire, or rod form) to a molten or semi-molten state. The resultant heated particles are accelerated and propelled toward a prepared surface by either process gases or atomization jets. Upon impact, a bond forms with the surface, with subsequent particles causing thickness build up and forming a lamellar structure.

Thermal Arc Spraying Benefits

  • Comprehensive choice of coating materials
  • Can apply to any substrate that will not degrade from heat
  • Minimal heating of the substrate
  • Can apply to thermal sensitive substrates (metals, plastics)
  • Thick coatings up to 10mm can be applied at high deposition rates
  • Parts can be rebuilt quickly at a fraction of the replacement price
  • Barrier and functional coatings on a wide range of substrates
  • Onsite services available

The Plasma Hardfacing advantage

Plasma Hardfacing have access to an extensive list of international suppliers of quality, specialised bonding which allow greater scope for coating materials to meet your wear and corrosive damage needs. Our company has already delivered thermal protective coatings for Carter Holt Harvey’s glue blenders. Thermal coatings allow a protective barrier for the corrosive environment, which lasts a year until the next scheduled shut down.
Our spray technicians have internationally recognised qualifications in Thermal Arc spraying. Their knowledge and attention to detail in the vital preparation stage ensures that coatings last and provide excellent coating protection for our customers.

Plasma Hardfacing uses the Praxair BP-400 system, which is a versatile, lightweight and portable, push wire delivery arc spray system. The BP-400 is simple to operate, economical, robust, and flexible, with a proven history of meeting demanding applications around the world such as aerospace, tubing and extrusion, automotive, cookware, pulp and paper, and general repair. This system is portable and allows onsite services to save you time and money on maintenance costs.